Saturday, January 13, 2018

About Me

I am an assistant professor at Lynchburg College. I will be on sabbatical next year (2018-19), and my intended project involves writing a few chapters for an upper-level OER textbook for Genetics. Ultimately, I'm hoping to make some connections and establish some professional relationships that could potentially lead to creation of a whole OER genetics text.  In the meantime, I imagine these chapters might supplement a traditional genetics text. 

There is a lot I need to know about starting this process, so I am very much looking forward to this cMOOC.


  1. Hi Christine, welcome to OpenLeanring '18! It sounds like this is a very timely course for your upcoming project, which sounds really exciting!

  2. I'm going to try again. Now that I am actually on sabbatical I might actually have time to participate in the cMOOC.

  3. Hi Christine,

    Welcome back for another round of Open Learning! How has the OER project been going?


    1. It's progressing slower than I originally thought, but I'm learning a lot! I think this cMOOC is very timely, now that I'm in the midst of my project.


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